Think about what would happen if the internet went down right now. No emails, no Facebook, no Tweeting – okay, that’s not good, but you could still pick up the phone and call someone. No Pinterest or Instagram, so you’d be more productive!

Except most businesses today rely on the internet to connect all their systems, their employee data, customer information. The internet makes it so much simpler to share ideas and store digital information (here’s lookin’ at you Google Drive) that we’ve all become so reliant on internet connectivity. Could you still do your job without the internet? We are all so interconnected through the internet, it seems impossible to live without it. At the very least, our lives would all be heavily impacted.

Since the internet isn’t down (thank goodness!), let’s all take a moment to rejoice that we can keep rocking through our Candy Crush levels without stopping. Here are a few of the myriad gems you can do with your internet service:

Learn Something New

Given how interconnected the world is with the internet, we can show off that kindergarten skill and share. Everything from advanced medical research to grandma’s digital cat-filled photo album can be sent out, discussed, and expanded on nearly instantly. The internet is amazing for sharing ideas and learning new things. You can even learn a new language online with sites like Duolingo! So get on your high speed internet and learn something new!

Promote Your Business

The internet also makes it so much easier to buy and sell. From Amazon to Craigslist, it’s so much easier to find exactly what you need and not break the bank. With the help of social media, home- and small business creators can sell their unique wares and promote them for more of the world to find. If you make lederhosen for dogs, take your goods to Instagram to advertise your Etsy store!

Keep In Touch

So many naysayers like to look down on the internet for cutting interpersonal ties; however, the opposite is the case. With platforms like FaceTime and Skype, you can easily keep in touch with that awesome friend you met whilst studying abroad or have weekly video chats with your grandchild from across the country. Travel is expensive, but the internet keeps us together. Use your internet service to reconnect with someone today!

Get Creative

In our STEM-focused society, sometimes it almost feels taboo to want to unleash your creative side. With your internet service, you can digitally publish that novel you wrote, create digital paintings, or make and edit videos or music. When you feel the creative urge, get online and work it out! Sites like DeviantArt and Tumblr will let you share your creativity when you’re done!

There are nearly infinite possibilities of what you can do with the internet. Go out, explore, and do something new to celebrate the possibilities!

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