One of the great myths of high speed internet delivered over satellite is that the internet service is vastly less reliable. Various television commercials suggesting that satellite internet requires nothing less than a crystal clear day to function or that satellite internet providers rely solely on foreign call centers for customer service are misleading. Satellite internet is a highly sophisticated and reliable service, and when you select an internet provider through Advanced Satellites, you are choosing local customer service with two showrooms in Kansas.

Once upon a time, all internet service was spotty because the infrastructure necessary to operate a worldwide network simply did not exist. However, as the world became more and more connected, the networks used also became increasingly more complex and unified. As the groundwork for high speed internet was laid across the country, satellite internet providers went to work developing their systems as well. Now, satellite internet is just as as reliable as other internet services, and the high speed internet services offered from Advanced Satellites brings worldwide connectivity to your Kansas home.

With two showrooms, one in Hays and one in Salina, Advanced Satellites is a local Kansas business bringing excellent internet service across the state. At both of our locations and over the phone, we promise to provide the excellent customer service you would expect from a local business. Advanced Satellites offers a wide selection of packages from multiple satellite internet providers, and we can help you understand which options best fit your budget and lifestyle. Contact us today, and let Advanced Satellites help you determine which internet service is right for you.