We all know the feeling: A big project deadline is approaching, you have piles of research or data spread around you, and you just need to check one little thing online but your internet is just crawling. What do you do when your project hinges on a bit of online research but you spend more time growling at your router than actually connected? When your work – or your at-home entertainment – relies on your internet speed, try the following to get it moving faster.

Call Advanced Satellites to get your internet provider up and running!Here’s what our technicians suggest for slow internet issues:

  1. Check what your internet service plan is – If you experience constant issues with internet slowdowns, you may need to increase the speed through your internet provider.
  2. Have you tried turning it off and back on? – Every once in awhile, the hardware delivering your Wi-Fi needs a break. Your router may need resetting to start running smoothly once more.
  3. How is your hardware? – One of the biggest factors in internet speed is the age of your hardware. If your router is old and slow, replacing it could give you the boost in speed you’re looking for. However, the slowdown could also be because of your computer. If you’re still running Windows 98 on a Dell from the same year, it may be time to upgrade your system.
  4. Check your computer – If your computer’s operating system needs an update or has recently updated but not restarted, give that a shot before kicking your router out the window. It could be your computer causing you connectivity issues.
  5. How strong is your signal? – Depending on where your router is in comparison to your computer, you may not have a strong Wi-Fi signal, and that could easily cause an internet slowdown. Try repositioning your router, moving where you work (if you’re on a laptop), or getting a signal booster for a more permanent fix.
  6. Apps and downloads may be the culprit – If you are running several bandwidth-hogging programs or downloading large files, that may explain the computer slowdown. You may need to pause your apps and downloads until you’re done working.
  7. Call your internet provider – Your internet service provider may have more troubleshooting options that aren’t listed above. Give them a call and see if they have any other tips for speeding up your internet. If not…
  8. Switch to a new provider – If you are regularly frustrated with your internet speeds and lack of connectivity, and your current provider isn’t any help, that may be your sign to try something new.

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