dreamstime_6835117 It’s nearly Thanksgiving, which means – especially if you have young kids – all you’ve heard recently is how Christmas is right around the corner! In an effort to distract them from giving you the hourly rundown of how many days are left, you’ll need some holiday-themed distractions to keep them entertained while embracing the Christmas excitement.

We’re sure you have several family holiday traditions you bring out every year to create some holiday magic for your family. This year, in addition to those long-standing family traditions that you’ve brought out every year, add some new fun to your holiday celebrations. At Advanced Satellites in Salina, we want to help you make your family holiday celebrations be truly magical – and give you parents a bit of relief from the incessant “Is it time yet?” questions. With our satellite or high-speed internet through one of our internet providers, you can enhance your holiday cheer with the internet, no matter how remotely you live!

Track Santa

One of the perennial favorites for holiday fun is imagining where Santa might be and what he is doing in the days leading up to Christmas. Starting on the first of December every year, NORAD offers their “Santa Tracker,” which taps into Google Maps to show where Santa is. This site is especially fun on Christmas Eve, when your kids can follow Santa to China, India, Russia. As he comes closer, use the Santa tracker as the reason to send your kids to bed. Remember: Santa can’t come if they aren’t asleep!

dreamstime_xxl_45598681Create a Card

This Christmas, instead of agonizing over the one perfect family photo to use as your annual Christmas card, get your kids involved! Create a digital Christmas card to share with your family and friends, and let your kids make it. There are several electronic-card-making sites, but the Christmas favorite is JibJab’s Elf Yourself. Your kids can turn themselves into elves, pick a dance style, and add a cheery message. This will be a fun way to update family and friends, and it will keep your kids entertained for a while as they pick photos and try every option.

Think Charitably

Your kids are probably most excited for gifts; let’s face it, most of Santa’s magic comes from what he leaves behind, not just trying to stay up late to see him. This year, pull some of the focus away from what your kids want and redirect it to how they can give. Sites like NorthPole.com offer crafts and baked goods that your kids can make and give to others. Keep them entertained and teach them the value of giving to others.

Or, for your older kids, show them how even their small saved allowance can make a big impact around the world. Sites like Kiva.org help you give loans to entrepreneurs all over the world. Your child can pick the recipient and, when that loan gets paid back, they can either take their money or reinvest it in another borrower. By picking the recipient, your kids can see the real-world impact they can have through charitable giving.

This year, don’t let your kids’ excitement overwhelm you. Use your high speed internet to keep your kids entertained and teach them to do some good. Pick your internet provider today with Advanced Satellites Salina. Call now to get started on spreading Christmas cheer!