When Shark Tank debuted in 2009, it was an instant TV hit for ABC. As the show continues to expand its popularity, other networks have attempted to spin off the success of Shark Tank with varying degrees of success, CNBC recently debuted their version of the show to rave reviews. The show, titled West Texas Investors Club, takes the popular format and adds a healthy dose of Texas charm from the show’s main investors, Rooster and Butch. If you have been looking for a new show to enjoy with your Dish TV package from Advanced Satellites, West Texas Investor’s Club may be perfect for you and your family.

TV Fun For The Whole Family

Rooster, whose full name is Mike McConaughey, is the older brother of popular actor Matthew McConaughey. Along with his partner Wayne ‘Butch’ Gilliam, the two men listen to pitches from aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs who are seeking funding for their company. Because this show is definitely not Shark Tank, Rooster and Butch take notes on paper plates and offer beers to close deals. With plenty of fun products and hilarious antics, West Texas Investors Club can be a fun TV experience for the whole family.

Catch The Show On Satellite TV

West Texas Investors Club is currently airing it’s second season of the show with new episode premieres every Tuesday evening on CNBC through July 12, 2016. Make sure you catch up on all the crazy products, clever ideas, and plenty of laughs with your Dish TV package from Advanced Satellites. For more information about our satellite TV services, contact us online today!