In the modern world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find family time. Although smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices allow everyone to stay in touch at the press of a button, it does seem harder than ever to have face to face conversations with family members. In the past, families would often gather around the television to watch certain shows together, such as The Wonder Years or Happy Days. As family schedules have become increasingly filled due to the longer work hours Americans put in, TV schedules have become less important. With the growth of on demand programming, DVR, and other technological advances, it is now possible to schedule your TV time to fit your family’s busy schedule instead of tuning in at a specific time. And with the wealth of programming available, it is definitely possible to make watching TV a family gathering.

Choose A TV Show For Everyone

When selecting a show for your whole family, make sure there’s something in the show to keep everyone engaged. Family sitcoms such as Modern Family provide storylines that engage viewers of multiple ages. Additionally, shows which have multiple child actors often present great teachable moments that can allow your kids to ask questions and gain perspective on the world at large. Just because TV is America’s favorite pastime does not mean that you and your family have to passively watch; commercial breaks are an excellent time for you and your children to ask questions.

Use The Pause Button

Another great feature of current satellite TV is the ability to pause the show. In the event something confusing or frightening is happening, there’s no need to wait for a break in the show to have a discussion. With your Dish TV package, for example, you have the ability to take a break at any time to have a conversation about what is happening on TV. More often than not, you’ll find a way to relate the fictional scenarios to your child’s life.

At Advanced Satellites, we not only hope you enjoy your satellite TV programming but also get something out of the experience. If you have more tips about making TV time a family experience, leave a comment in the blog!