The invention of the television changed the way people experience entertainment, and it seems that every year brings a new innovation. TVs have gotten larger, flatter, and increasingly have a better picture. At this point, it is difficult to justify attending a concert or heading out to the stadium to catch the big game when you can have the same experience in high definition right on your couch. As TV became the most prominent source of entertainment in American life, the amount of channels and available options on how to watch TV, such as the decision of whether to record shows on DVR or watch them on demand, can be overwhelming. However, our inventive human spirit has solved the problem of flipping through hundreds of channels to find the programming that you want to watch because Dish TV packages include the Hopper voice remote.

It sounds too good to be true, but the future is here: with the press of a single button, you can tell your TV what you want to watch without searching! Dish TV has seemingly solved the problem of channel surfing, and now you can instantly find your favorite satellite TV programs. With the Hopper’s advanced voice recognition, you no longer have to navigate complex menus or even need to remember the numbers for the channels you watch the most. When you want to watch a program, all you need to do is tell your DishTV remote what you show you want to watch.

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