Fall means many things to many people, but for many Americans, it means only one thing: Football. There’s no better way to take advantage of the dropping temperatures and lack of grass to mow than spending a weekend watching your favorite teams. Football season is short but sweet. It comes in the fall and blesses us with weekends full of entertainment all winter long. Since Wichita is home to no sports team, most local residents get their fix from the television. But not every game is the game you want to watch, and not every game is on basic channels.

2016 sunday ticket offer resized
DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket

Thanks to DirecTV’s exclusive Sunday Ticket channel package, you get access to games at home or on the go, and not just some of the games: Every out of market game. Don’t miss a single minute of the games you want to watch, no matter what plans happen to pop up during your sacred Sunday ritual. Wichita is home to fans from teams across the country, and getting out of market games at all can be a pain, but with DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket, you can get a high-quality satellite tv experience.

Wichita’s source for DirecTV

As a DirecTV preferred dealer, Advanced Satellite is proud to provide local residents with the finest in satellite tv, including this must-have package for all football fans. In addition, you can take advantage of the incredible satellite tv packages available to DirecTV subscribers, including thousands of shows available On Demand each and every day!

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