dreamstime_l_18673385We know exactly why you love satellite tv. You may tell your coworkers it’s because of all the ESPN options, but we know better. It’s because you don’t want to miss a single installment of Sharknado ever again!

As a current or potential DirecTV customer, we’re sure you know all about the dozen-plus sports channels or the collection of kid-friendly stations. But have you taken the time to explore some of the other gems available to you via satellite tv? No matter what your interest, satellite tv will likely have at least one option in which to indulge.

For the music aficionado:

Do you miss MTV? Sure, we know the channel is still there, but it has evolved since the days of 24/7 music videos. If Snooki and Jwow aren’t your thing, try MTV Live (formerly Palladia). They actually still show music videos, as well as other music-centric series. They simulcast MTV’s music awards (and the European VMA’s as well!) and offer concert based shows like Soundstage and Austin City Limits. Expand your musical horizons easily with this all-encompassing channel.

Modern-day homemakers (or those who dream about it):

Food Network and HGTV offer a wide range of cooking, baking, home decorating, and renovation inspiring shows. What’s more, these shows offer a full spectrum of options. Whether your kitchen is of the tiny toaster-oven-only variety or you could host a wedding in your house, Food Network and their spinoff, the Cooking Channel, can keep you cooking all day long. Or, if you don’t like your kitchen, HGTV and DIY can give you renovation ideas or help you prepare your house to sell.

dreamstime_xxl_23568809Educational doesn’t mean boring:

Educational television has come a long way from the topical documentaries they show in school. Between the Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic Channel, and Travel Channel, it’s possible to learn about just about everything on the planet. As a bonus, the shows are usually filmed in beautiful or interesting locations and hosted by people who bring fun to the topic at hand.

The unusual options:

If you want weird, quirky, or downright strange, DirecTV has a wealth of options.

Syfy – This station has a wide run of movies, serial tv shows, and competition shows all related to fantasy and science fiction interests. See how movie monsters are made through the competition show Face Off. Indulge your love of ghost stories with Ghost Hunt or re-watch a sci-fi favorite like Battlestar Galactica. They also have an assortment of horror and science fiction movies, if you want something shorter.

TLC – The station name stands for “The Learning Channel” and, if you’re interested in learning about almost anything, this channel will help you out. They have options like My Strange Addiction, which is exactly what it sounds like. They also offer Long Island Medium, Hoarding, and Toddlers and Tiaras. To learn more about the different lives people lead, check out TLC.

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