dreamstime_xxl_62234400Whether you’re a first time parent or have six kids under ten spreading mayhem through the house, you’ve probably wondered about all the children’s television shows out there. So many of them promise to be educational, to encourage interactive learning and movement as well as entertainment. But how do you know if your satellite TV package offers quality children’s shows?

For any busy parent that wants a few minutes of peace, a kids show seems like the perfect solution. But you also want to be sure your peace isn’t coming at the expense of your child’s mind. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, if your child is under two, they shouldn’t have any screen time – no TV, no iPad, not even a few minutes of poking at your (hopefully well-protected) cell phone. Children under six should be limited to only an hour or two a day. And because your child’s mind is still developing, when it comes time to turn on the TV for the allotted time, you want to be sure your child is watching something that will enrich them.

Cultivate Reading Before They Can Read

There are several shows available currently that encourage excitement about reading, which is good whether your child is learning to read yet or not. Older shows like Reading Rainbow or Between the Lions read stories to the viewer. Current shows like Super Why! tell stories in a more interactive way to keep your child’s mind engaged as they watch. By telling stories, these shows encourage reading from a young age.

Encourage Questioning The World

Many of the children’s shows being produced currently are bright and musical, but underneath those eye- and ear-catching methods, they touch on an array of different cultures and peoples around the world. This category of show encourages your child to engage and think about similarities and differences and to be curious about the world. Some examples include Octonauts, Sid the Science Kid, and Bubble Guppies. As you might guess from the names, those are fairly science-minded shows; for the more artistic side of things, Little Einsteins offers art and historical settings from around the world.

dreamstime_xxl_41933142Start With The Basics

Another way to ensure you’re enriching your child’s mind while watching television is to give them shows that are intended to teach them basic information along with entertainment. Shows like Doc McStuffins and Word World teach simple concepts like numbers, letters, and colors. Team Umizumi gets even more detailed with the numbers, colors, and ideas they teach.

And, of course, we can’t forget about the classics: Sesame Street is the longest running US Children’s shows for good reason. They pull in a bit from each of the above categories for a well-rounded, engaging, and educational show.

As parents, you want to give your children the best of everything as they grow. When they watch television, be sure they get the best options to enrich their minds as well as entertain. DirecTV offers a full complement of children’s channels, including Nick Jr., Discovery Family, and Disney Junior. Call Advanced Satellite today to get your satellite tv package!

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