‘Tis the season to travel! The days surrounding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day are the busiest travel times of the year. According to AAA, nearly one billion Americans will take trips further than 50 miles between the end of November and the start of the new year. That means a ton of crabby kids in cars and anxious children in airports. This year, make travel easier on yourself and your family by taking advantage of a service you already pay for: streaming TV.

Get DirecTV with Advanced Satellites to watch TV on the go! What It Is

Streaming TV is the travel helper you didn’t know you needed, and the best part? If you have a satellite TV service like DirecTV, you probably already have it! As part of most satellite TV packages, you get access to all your channels and many on-demand options online, anytime, anywhere. This means that, as long as you have internet service, you can stream TV live on your smartphone or tablet. Instead of falling into the travel grumps, put on a family holiday movie and add to the magic of the holiday season!

How To Use It

Most streaming TV services, such as the DirecTV’s, allow you to watch whatever is playing live on any channel in your subscription as well as anything you have recorded with your DVR. If you want to put on Paw Patrol for the kids while you wait to board the plan, you will need to download your TV provider’s app and sign in to your account. Once signed in on the app, you’ll have access to everything you have on your TV at home. Keep your kids happily entertained for hours despite flight delays, crowded waiting areas, and grumpy travelers.

Keep your kids entertained while traveling with DirecTV through Advanced Satellites!Boost Your Streaming Service

If you’re taking a road trip this holiday season, you can still make use of your TV provider’s streaming service! You’ll just need a bit of fore-planning. If your phone has internet service, you will likely be able to stream directly; however, you may want to add extra data to your phone plan for the month. If you have a tablet included in your phone plan, the same advice goes. If your tablet is Wi-Fi only, you can use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot. Again, be sure to check your phone plan beforehand so you don’t incur large bills on accident.

Make your travel time smoother this holiday season with streaming TV. Check to see if this service is included in your DirecTV package. If you’re still languishing with cable, call Advanced Satellite today to get set up with a DirecTV package before you travel and keep the family entertained!