There’s nothing like the familiar comforts of your own home. Whether it be your favorite recliner or the spot on the couch that everyone knows is yours, we can all take solace in spending some down time in a comfy spot. For most Americans, a favorite spot to relax also goes hand in hand with watching TV. Since the invention of satellite TV, more and more programming is available to more and more customers. However, as our TVs have become more advanced over the years, it also means more and more electronic clutter and lots of wires piling up behind TV stands all across Kansas. But, when you call Advanced Satellites and sign up for one of the DirecTV packages we offer, you can also put an end to electronic clutter with the Wireless Mini Genie DVR.

As TVs become more advanced, shouldn’t the way we watch TV continue to get better, too? If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on the latest flatscreen television, why should be limited to where in your house the TV can be placed? Well, this is now available from DirecTV because of the Wireless Mini Genie DVR provides satellite TV and whole house DVR without the mess of cables and wires. Plus, it allows you to put your TV anywhere– even outside– without the need for cable outlets. With a Wireless Mini Genie DVR, you can hide your satellite TV device and make your entertainment the star of the show.

When it’s time to relax and enjoy your favorte Direct TV packages, you should be able to do so without adding additional clutter to your home. Stay stress and clutter free when you call Advanced Satellites and ask about Wireless Mini Genie DVR, available from DirecTV. Stop in either of Kansas retail locations in Salina or Hays, KS or give us a call today and say goodbye to wires!