Although hockey is often an overlooked sport for many Americans, the NHL playoffs are one of the most exciting times for all of sports. Due to each playoff series being seven games, each round is a grueling battle of big hit and game winning goals that is sure to thrill any sports fan. If you are looking to add some excitement to your spring, be sure to catch the playoffs on DirecTV!

TV Schedules for the Playoffs

As your satellite TV providers, Advanced Satellites in both Salina and Hays, Kansas want to make sure you are prepared to catch every minute of the hockey playoffs. Currently, NBC owns the broadcasting rights for the NHL, and that means the games are available across the whole NBC family of channels. Games are played on NBC, NBC Sports, CNBC, and USA. Additionally, there are games on almost every single night. Whether you are rooting for the St. Louis Blues or the Detroit Red Wings, there’s plenty of action on DirecTV this spring!

Check Your DirecTV Packages

Although NBC is a network channel generally available to every satellite TV customer, be sure to check which channels are included with your DirecTV package to ensure you do not miss the NHL playoffs this spring. If you have questions for your satellite TV providers, contact Advanced Satellites today to be sure you can catch all of the Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins games during the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Contact the Advanced Satellites offices today in either Hays or Salina Kansas for more information.