When A&E Networks announced Vice would replacing their H2 channel, many folks wondered what kind of entertainment the channel would carry. Founded as a lifestyle magazine, Vice Media has expanded into the worlds of music, books, documentaries, and now television. With reality-based programming that primarily targets millennial audiences, Viceland takes a modern approach to classic reality TV shows, giving their own spin to popular genres such as travel shows, game shows, food shows, as well as the news. Below, check out a short rundown of popular shows on Viceland which airs on DirecTV channel 271.

Viceland Programming Available on DirecTV

Huang’s World follows popular chef and best-selling author Eddie Huang on his culinary adventures around the world. Although his book is the premise for the hit ABC sitcom “Fresh Off The Boat”, this show’s comedic relief is sharper and provides a grittier world view.

King of the Road is essentially a scavenger hunt game show, except the contestants are skateboarders and the tasks for scoring range widely from difficult tricks to disgusting and humiliating behavior. The show is filled with juvenile hijinks, plenty of laughs, and some truly incredible athletic performances.

Woman, which premieres on May 10, 2016, follows host Gloria Steinem as she investigates the role of women around the world. The stark reality of violence and oppression as well as the progress women are making will be the show’s focus. The first episode location is the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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