Although the emergence of spring typically means spending more time outside, all across Kansas there is the constant threat of spring storms. However, that also means more time is available for you to catch up on all your favorite TV shows, and with the Genie HD DVR available from DirecTV, you can watch more TV than ever. Not only does the Genie allow you to record up to five shows at a time, it also stores as many as 200 hours of HD television. Additionally, DirecTV packages available from Advanced Satellites also include streaming with DirecTV On Demand.

Stream Direct TV

With an internet connection, you can stream all of your favorite shows whenever you want. Catch up on last week’s Better Call Saul or binge watch every episode of Scandal as you wait out another spring storm. Plus, you can also watch TV on your laptop, tablet, or phone when using the GenieGO app.

When the spring weather is letting you down this April, take advantage of your Direct TV package from Advanced Satellites to binge watch some television. Whether you’re catching up on something you’ve been meaning to watch for years or falling in love with some of your favorite characters all over again, DirecTV makes it easier than ever to watch all the TV you could ever want. In order to be certain you are getting the best satellite TV service in Kansas, be sure to contact Advanced Satellites in either Hays or Salina today to get started with your DirecTV experience.