Satellite TV packages from companies such as Dish and DirecTV boast a seemingly unending amount of entertainment options. With the larger DirecTV packages offering more than 300 channels, it may seem like there are too many options because each channel seems to target a specific audience. However, there are a number of programs that are enjoyable for both adults and children, and one common thread of many of these shows is animation. Although many people remember cartoons as a childish way to spend Saturday mornings, a number of the most popular shows in America are animated. In fact, the longest running sitcom on TV is actually The Simpsons. In this first post in what is planned to be a long-running series, we’d like to highlight an animated show that provides entertainment value for both adults and children.

Adventure Time on Cartoon Network

The show Adventure Time, on its surface, appears to be purely for children. A young boy and his talking dog frolic through fantastical adventures in an imaginative world filled with unicorns, a candy kingdom run by a teenage princess, and other fun characters. However, the show provides much more and has plenty of entertainment for adults as well. The main characters, Finn the human boy and Jake the dog, are often met with puzzles to solve and ethical dilemmas that highlight important morals. And with storylines that blend classic fairy tales with contemporary situations, there are endless teachable moments in the show.

Adult Humor Without Crass Behavior

Another element that makes Adventure Time a great watch for parents and children alike is that the show includes adult humor without resorting to obscenity. The show is quickly paced, and many of the jokes will simply pass over the heads of younger viewers, yet the show avoids comedy that relies on practices we teach our children to avoid such as bullying or name calling. Additionally, Adventure Time has rich storytelling; story arcs last for for the duration of seasons and the Land of Ooo is a diverse landscape filled with plot twists that help engage adult viewers.

Watching cartoons can be a great way to spend a little extra time with your kids, and knowing what they are watching can help you better choose the shows they watch. Check back soon for our next installment, and if you have a show you’d like us to cover, leave a comment in the blog!