dreamstime_xxl_45136691When was the last time you saw a TV show in black and white? Or managed to easily agree on what to watch?

With the amount of channels available today, you can spend half an hour exploring Tokyo virtually then jump straight to home renovation ideas. There are channels for every taste, and the hardest part is deciding whose turn it is to pick a show. When television was first developed, who would have imagined that, in a few short decades, we would manage to advance so far!

Television services keep advancing just as swiftly, if not more so, than computers, internet, and other technology. Not only do we have hundreds of options for channels but, with satellite tv and internet service, you could probably keep yourself entertained daily for a year and not watch the same thing twice (unless you wanted to)! At Advanced Satellite, we want you to get the most from your DirecTV service, so we have a few tips for you:


Movie theaters have become so expensive lately that it’s almost too much hassle. The tickets are costly, the snack bar inflation is ridiculous, and trying to expense a trip for your entire family is probably more hassle and cost than taking your spouse out for your anniversary. DirecTV has the perfect alternative with their movie channels. Watch classics on Turner Classic Movies or one of the other movie channels, or watch the latest blockbusters from the comfort of your home with movie rentals on your TV.


Next time you host a party, or just want to enjoy a coffee shop atmosphere at home on Saturday morning, let your satellite TV service do the work. DirecTV offers a variety of commercial-free music channels. It’s like having the radio at home, but better! There are dozens of options in every genre, and no jarring commercials like you’d get on Spotify or Pandora.

dreamstime_5686764Take It To-go

With most satellite TV packages today, not only can you easily record shows to watch later (and skip through the commercials), but you can also take your television in your pocket or purse. DirecTV allows you to watch live TV on your phone, tablet, or laptop – all you need is internet service! Next time you’re stuck at the airport for hours, don’t let a delay get you down; get caught up on The Walking Dead or learn how to reupholster your favorite chair.

Expand Your Horizons

Unfortunately, as travel has improved in the last few decades, it also got more expensive. When you want to travel and experience new cultures but can’t quite make the budget stretch, turn to DirecTV. The assortment of travel and internationally-run channels will let you see and learn about new cities and cultures without the expense and hassle of travel.

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