According to statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most popular pastime in the United States is watching television. While this might not be a huge surprise to many, the amount of TV that Americans watch, on average, is relatively high. During the weekdays, the average American watches 156 minutes, or nearly two and a half hours, of television. On the weekends, the number increases to 201 minutes, or over 3 hours of TV per day. However, the most recently available statistics are from 2014 which means these numbers are probably even higher today.

Satellite TV

At Advanced Satellites, we’re happy to be providing Kansas residents with the most popular entertainment available. While some people would argue that there are better ways to spend free time, TV actually provides a wealth of information. From 24 hour news networks providing global coverage to informative DIY shows to programming designed to interact and engage young children, there are plenty of channels providing great value. Additionally, television is the primary method in which we tell stories these days. The quality of storytelling in modern dramas is unprecedented on television.

Advances in Television

While the popularity of television is not too surprising, TV continues to make technological advances as well. For example, modern televisions connect to the internet, allow for live replay, and DirecTV packages even allow you to stream live television on your favorite devices. Suffice it to stay, watching television looks like it will remain America’s favorite pastime for years to come.