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Advanced Satellites

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In today’s world the customer’s needs are very unique and they don’t always fit the one size fits all theory. Here at Advanced Satellites we understand that and proudly offer Dish, Directv, Exede, Hughesnet, vivint, and AT&T services. We give you the local feel with all the same great deals that the big company’s offer. Get your free quote started today!!!

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  1. Is Your Internet Slow?

    We all know the feeling: A big project deadline is approaching, you have piles of research or data spread around you, and you just need to check one little thing online but your internet is just crawling. What do you do when your project hinges on a bit of online research but you spend more time growling at your router than actually connected? When your work - or your at-home entertainment - reli…Read More

  2. Streaming TV Service For Travel Help

    ‘Tis the season to travel! The days surrounding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day are the busiest travel times of the year. According to AAA, nearly one billion Americans will take trips further than 50 miles between the end of November and the start of the new year. That means a ton of crabby kids in cars and anxious children in airports. This year, make travel easier on yourself a…Read More

  3. Christmas Movie Traditions

    How soon does your family begin the process of diving deep into Christmas cheer? Do you have a strict after-Thanksgiving only policy or do you put up your Christmas decor as soon as the weather shifts to fall? Or are you the family that somehow, against all odds, manages to wait until Christmas Eve to put up your tree? Whatever your Christmas-celebrating style is, we’re betting your family has …Read More

  4. Enhance Your Holidays with the Internet

    It’s nearly Thanksgiving, which means - especially if you have young kids - all you’ve heard recently is how Christmas is right around the corner! In an effort to distract them from giving you the hourly rundown of how many days are left, you’ll need some holiday-themed distractions to keep them entertained while embracing the Christmas excitement. We’re sure you have several family holid…Read More

  5. The Internet Rules

    Think about what would happen if the internet went down right now. No emails, no Facebook, no Tweeting - okay, that’s not good, but you could still pick up the phone and call someone. No Pinterest or Instagram, so you’d be more productive! Except most businesses today rely on the internet to connect all their systems, their employee data, customer information. The internet makes it so much si…Read More

  6. Bonuses of Satellite TV

    When was the last time you saw a TV show in black and white? Or managed to easily agree on what to watch? With the amount of channels available today, you can spend half an hour exploring Tokyo virtually then jump straight to home renovation ideas. There are channels for every taste, and the hardest part is deciding whose turn it is to pick a show. When television was first developed, who would h…Read More

  7. Children’s Television Options

    Whether you’re a first time parent or have six kids under ten spreading mayhem through the house, you’ve probably wondered about all the children’s television shows out there. So many of them promise to be educational, to encourage interactive learning and movement as well as entertainment. But how do you know if your satellite TV package offers quality children’s shows? For any busy pare…Read More

  8. Explore the Unexpected With Your Satellite TV Subscription

    We know exactly why you love satellite tv. You may tell your coworkers it’s because of all the ESPN options, but we know better. It’s because you don’t want to miss a single installment of Sharknado ever again! As a current or potential DirecTV customer, we’re sure you know all about the dozen-plus sports channels or the collection of kid-friendly stations. But have you taken the time to …Read More

  9. CBS Reality Show Season Change

    The longest running reality show ever, Survivor, has just begun its newest season. The theme is Millennials vs Gen-X, and we couldn’t be more excited. The only saddening thing for reality competition show fans is that the beginning of Survivor means the end of Big Brother, CBS’ summer season adaptation of the successful Survivor model. Our take on these two As one of Wichita’s premier telev…Read More

  10. Fall is Football Season

    Fall means many things to many people, but for many Americans, it means only one thing: Football. There’s no better way to take advantage of the dropping temperatures and lack of grass to mow than spending a weekend watching your favorite teams. Football season is short but sweet. It comes in the fall and blesses us with weekends full of entertainment all winter long. Since Wichita is home to n…Read More

  • New Voice Remote

    Voice Remote - $30 one-time charge
    Channel surf, search for shows or movies by actors or quotes and more with the new voice activated remote!

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  • Four Channels at once.
    You Pick.

    Pull up the Hopper's customizable MultiView mode to create your own HD sports bar or keep an eye on the weather, the news and the game all while watching your favorite sitcom.

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  • Make Any TV a Smart TV

    Access your Netflix account directly from the Hopper DVR. Plus access dozens of your favorite apps like Pandora, Vevo, Weather, YouTube (Coming Soon) and more.

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  • Simple Pricing.
    Revolutionary Technology.

    Introducing the new Hopper 3. "The most ludicrously powerful cable box ever" - Wired Magazine (Jan 2016)

    Watch and record up to 16 shows at once - 2 times our competition. Never worry about recording conflicts again.

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  • Movies and Shows available anywhere you are

    Access and watch thousands of movies and shows OnDemand in your home or anywhere you want on the go with DISH Anywhere.

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  • New Hopper. New Interface.

    Channel surf and access your favorite content at lightning speed. Our new look is an intuitive and simple TV viewing experience with you in mind.

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